Emergency Household Binder Important Documents and Information Printable


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Are your important documents in multiple places around the house? This emergency household binder will help you to organize your important documents.

Maybe you have to dig through a pile of papers to find copies of your birth certificates or social security cards. Or you have misplaced the title to your boat or trailer one too many times (in my case it’s my son’s dirt bike!).

This binder will help you to keep all of those things in one place so you can get your hands on it quickly whenever you need to. Place all your important legal documents in the different sections and then store the binder in a safe or fire safe box.

I’ve included a page for websites that you or your spouse might need access to in the case of an emergency or an event that makes it so the usual bill payer can’t accomplish the task.

The binder includes the following sections with a checklist that helps you organize the information that needs to be in that section.

All the items on the checklists are suggestions. You might not have some of the items because they don’t pertain to you and that is ok. Find the ones you do have and include them!

  • Household Emergency Binder cover
  • binder checklist
  • emergency contact cover
  • emergency contact checklist
  • emergency contact information
  • other contacts??
  • utilities contacts
  • financial information cover
  • financial information checklist
  • credit cards accounts
  • bank accounts
  • deposits and withdrawls
  • investments
  • other information cover
  • other information checklist
  • online bill pay information??
  • websites and passwords
  • emergency preparedness checklist
  • copies of important documents cover
  • copies of important documents checklist
  • legal documents cover
  • legal documents checklist
  • information about vehicles, RVs, boats, etc.
  • properties information
  • medical information cover
  • medical information checklist
  • insurance cover
  • insurance checklist
  • insurance companies information


The file will open in a separate tab. Click the “PRINT” icon and then switch the output to “PDF” and save the file (if you click the download icon, you will get a file that is unreadable).


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