Crafter’s Guide to Vinyl


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You have your Cricut (or other vinyl cutting machine) and you have taken it out of the box.


And you have started to gather your supplies. It is time to make your first project.

But which vinyl do you use?

There are so many brands. And so many styles. Not to mention all those confusing terms.

It is almost enough to make you think about putting that bug back in its box.

Don’t do that!

Take a deep breath. Remember that there is always a learning curve when you start something new. You will learn how to make crafts with vinyl.

It is time to dive in!

Experiment. Play. Learn.

  • Open up this guidebook and learn what all of those strange terms mean.
  • Figure out how to cut vinyl and which vinyl to use on a specific project.
  • Learn the difference between regular craft vinyl and Heat Transfer Vinyl.
  • Look through the FAQ and see if it answers a question you might have.
  • Get inspiration for a new project.
  • Learn how to lay your vinyl decal on a surface perfectly. No wonky crooked placement for you!


Print the whole book out and keep it by your vinyl supplies for easy access. Use it as your guide for all those vinyl craft projects that you have been wanting to try but were too scared to start.

You are easily going to create loads of craft projects with vinyl and HTV, now that you have all the answers!

You can also access it on your tablet or phone. Does it get any better?!


The file will open in a separate tab. Click the “PRINT” icon and then switch the output to “PDF” and save the file (if you click the download icon, you will get a file that is unreadable).

This is an instant digital download. Read this page if you are unsure how to download or access your purchase.

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