Planner Printables: Mini Kit


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So, you bought a new planner. Again.

Congratulations. There is just something about the promise of all those wonderful plans, sticker layouts, and fun pens.

It doesn’t take long and something just doesn’t feel right.

Your interest lagging. The frustration of not knowing how to make your life fit into the pre-printed pages of that cute book.

You are not alone.

Want to know a little secret?

The majority of successful planners have found a way to alter their planner. They move things around, use only the pages they love, and they make their planner pages fit THEM. Not the other way around…

(Not even kidding…I just saw an IG post of a planner who buys 4 (FOUR) planners and mixes and matches them all to make her ultimate planner for the year.)

Why Use Planner Printables?

I am in love with the Happy Planner system. That doesn’t mean I don’t need extra planner inserts now and then to put in my planner (that’s why the disc bound system is so great…you can customize it).

As a new planner, I had no idea that there are ways to make your planner work even better.

Ask me how long I struggled to fit my plans into a vertical plan layout before I found the dashboard layout.

This kit includes printable planner pages in different formats, trackers, and resizing tips. As well as a mini-guide that shows you how to be more successful at using a planner.

What is included?

This DIY planner printables kit comes with over 50 pages…

  • Glossary of planner terms
  • Goal setting ideas and tracker
  • 12 themed habit trackers (cleaning, fitness, etc.)
  • Monthly habit trackers with two variations (24 total).
  • Planner page size cheat sheet and guide
  • Page suggestions for an effective planner
  • Reference list for over 165 trackers


Goal Planning Map – How to plan your goals so you can accomplish them all.


The file will open in a separate tab. Click the “PRINT” icon and then switch the output to “PDF” and save the file (if you click the download icon, you will get a file that is unreadable).

The product is a digital download available as a PDF file.

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