Get Your Free Copy of 2019 Monthly Calendar Pages Now

Free monthly calendar pages for 2019. Get your free download and start your planning for the New Year.

Grab your free copy of monthly calendar printable for 2019 to get a head start on your planning. It might feel like the New Year is a long way off, but it will be here before you know it.

That seems to be the way it always works.

I think that it’s human nature to be a planner and procrastinatorΒ at the same time. In your head you know there are things to accomplish, but in reality, you would rather wait just a little longer before you tackle them.

Then the due date starts looming and you either panic and finish the task with only moments to spare (and a little stress thrown in). Or you accomplish the task, but it’s a little bit late.

Whatever your style…you can put some of that planning down on paper with these printable 2019 calendar pages. Click the link or the image to download theΒ monthly calendar printable:

Free monthly calendar pages for 2019. Get your free download and start your planning for the New Year.

What Can You Use Monthly Calendar Printables For?

These free monthly calendar pages can be used for a number of things. And because they are a digital download, you can use them multiple times. Print them as many times as you need to. They are my gift to you so you can become a more organized and productive person!

  • Print them off and use them to track your house cleaning chores.
  • Use them to track your workouts in the new year.
  • Plan your weekly meals.
  • Add appointments for doctor visits, dentists, etc.
  • Track all the kids’ sporting events.
  • Use them in your own printable planner as a “month at a glance” page.

Having a daily planner is sometimes a hard habit to create. If it’s on your list of things to do, then starting with a free version is a great way to jump into the habit. After you get used to tracking your schedule, then you can upgrade to a paid planner version.

Create a Habit in 30 Days

You’ve probably heard the theory that you can create a new habit in 30 days if you focus on it. Or break a bad habit.

I love planners. But using them does not come easily to me. I like the squares. I like the colors. I LOVE fun pens. But the actual habit of using them is not one of those “second nature” things for me.

I’ve always been really good at keeping dates and schedules in my head. That has changed a little bit as I have gotten older. My phone is my best friend. As well as sticky notes!

Using my lesson plans at school over the past 10 years is starting to rub off on my personal life. I plan on my phone. I draw pictures on my monthly calendar printable planners. I find excuses to use those fun pens!!

Did I create a planner habit in 30 days?

Heck no.

I’m still working on it. The bright side of all this is that I can print all the version of different planners and calendars that I create and keep trying.

If you aren’t one of those “natural planners”…join the club. And keep trying πŸ™‚ maybe one of these days we will get there.

It’s like anything else. Learn about it. Practice it. And before you know it, you will be a natural.


Would you like free monthly calendar printable for 2019? Get your free download and start your planning for the New Year. @lemonyfizzprintables #printables #calendar

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