Simple Planner Doodles Anyone Can Draw

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Planner doodles are an easy and fun way to add personalization to your planner or bullet journal. Even those who think they lack artistic ability can reap the benefits of doodling with just a little practice and these simple planner doodle ideas.

Using a planner holds many benefits including keeping you organized. But, I wouldn’t call being organized in and of itself “fun” as much as “necessary”. Doodling, on the other hand, is what makes planning truly FUN. In a sense, it’s like the fireworks to the 4th of July. 

What are planner doodles? They’re simple, easy-to-make drawings that allow you to personalize your planner, no matter what your artistic skill level is. And, they’re really cute!

Those beautiful designs draw me in and keep me there. I love adding to them, modifying them, and just letting my creativity flow. Plus, once I’m done, I feel even more relaxed because I’m also organized. Unfortunately, doodling may seem like the opposite of fun for anyone who doesn’t feel confident in their drawing abilities.

I’m here to tell you that ANYONE can doodle like a champ! I understand the feeling, though. It took me a while to get comfortable with my doodling and to let go of the results when they didn’t turn out the way I thought they should.

If you don’t like the way your doodles turn out, I have you covered. There are tons of planner doodles that are easy enough that anyone can do them (some in as few as 3 steps)! All you have to do is follow along with each quick tutorial. 

Benefits Of Doodle Drawing

Drawing and coloring aren’t just for kids! Doodling offers many benefits to adults. These include stress relief, fun, creative inspiration, personalizing your journal, and organization. Doodles are the perfect excuse for anyone to practice (and reap the benefits of) art.

What Can I Doodle?

Literally, anything and everything you want. You can draw anything from symbols to objects to abstract designs. That’s the amazing part about planner doodles. I love that they can be purposeful or purely creative and fun. You can make simple doodles of:

  • Banners
  • Food and drinks
  • Animals
  • Flowers
  • Leaves
  • Plants
  • Weather
  • People
  • Holidays
  • Vehicles
  • Travel items
  • Lifestyle images
  • And more!

How Do You Doodle In A Journal?

Here’s the thing: there’s no ONE way or RIGHT way to do it when it comes to planner doodling. 

Put doodles anywhere and everywhere or use them sparingly if you like a minimalistic look. You can use them as part of the design or as add-ons to any page.

Tools To Help You Get Started

One of my favorite aspects of doodle drawing is that you don’t need fancy paints or brushes. All you need are a journal, some good pens, and some markers that won’t bleed through the paper.

Simple Planner Doodles Anyone Can Draw

I’ve collected a large list of doodle samples to share with you. The doodles you’re about to see aren’t complex or complicated, but they’re still super cute. And my favorite part is that they’re easy enough that even those lacking in artistic abilities can replicate them!

Check out this large selection of simple bullet journal doodles. It covers all different types of images you can draw to completely satisfy your doodling craving!

Simple 3-Step Planner Doodle Ideas

Simple can also be cute and I think almost anyone can manage to do 3-step doodles like these. I also think they are perfect examples that you don’t need to have complicated, intricate images to get the point across – or have fun!

Food And Drink Planner Doodle Ideas

Fruit, desserts, spaghetti…wouldn’t it be fun to add a small food doodle next to your meal plan for the week? With these simple planner doodles you can create quick, fun little drawings.

Fruit Bullet Journal Doodles

I’ve always wanted to draw a pineapple that actually LOOKS like a pineapple. With this simple doodle tutorial and a little practice, I think I can do it!


I love to create simple little cupcake doodles like this one in my planner to mark birthdays for friends and family. You could also add them to mark parties or any other celebration.

Hot Beverages

When the mercury drops, these doodles will have you reaching for your cup of coffee.

Ocean Planner Doodles

All types of marine life are prime candidates for beautiful doodling possibilities! Check out the following tutorials:


I always make these so much more complicated in my head and as a result, I am never happy with my attempts. This step-by-step guide makes drawing seashells easy.

Cute Fish

Crabs, blowfish, and starfish, oh my! Add these adorable fish planner doodle ideas to any page in your bujo.

Animal Planner Doodles

The world is your oyster! Animal doodling possibilities are endless. You can find inspiration from mammals to bugs and everything in between. Check out these adorable, simple animal doodle ideas.


Want to add a cute ladybug, caterpillar, or butterfly? Now you can, and it’s much easier than you may think.


Frog doodles are adorable! Thanks to doodle tutorials like this one, they’re also very easy to draw.


Appreciate some of the smallest birds in the world in a whole new way: by drawing them! This step-by-step guide makes it a breeze.


Animals are much easier to draw than many people realize, and this giraffe demonstrates that well. I love that this tutorial even has written instructions!

Lifestyle Planner Doodles

Lifestyle doodles can include anything from travel to everyday objects you encounter in life. This category is huge, and so is the doodling potential.


Sure, you can (and probably do) take pictures with your smartphone, but the image of a camera is iconic. And its purpose is more easily recognizable than the image of a smartphone!


Book doodles are perfect for any journal pages that relate to lists of books you want to read. Or, they would be super cute on the calendar to mark back-to-school dates!

Memo Notes

Never forget a to-do item again with these Post-It Notes planner doodle ideas! I love the variety you can create even with such a simple concept.


These doodles are out of this world! From stars to planets to comets… if you love celestial bodies, you’ll love these doodle ideas.


These doodles just make me want to bust out the flip flops, sunglasses, and floppy hat and enjoy a day on the beach. You can use these for anything related to summer, vacation, the beach, a day on the lake, etc.

Winter Doodles

What’s summertime without its counterpart? When the weather turns chilly, break out your scarf and these doodle ideas.

Going To The Movies

Similar to the camera up above, actual movie theaters may not operate in quite the same way anymore, but the images are too iconic to pass up.


Add your local weather forecast to your planner every day or on days when you have something outdoors planned. These adorable weather doodles are perfect.

Plants Planner Doodle Ideas

Doodles of leaves, plants, and different flowers are very popular with bujo users, and thankfully, they’re easy to replicate!


Flowers make the perfect addition to practically any planner page! There’s no need to make drawing flowers overly complicated, as these bullet journal doodles demonstrate.


Haven’t you always wanted to draw a cactus? Succulents are beautiful and make easy doodle drawing opportunities.


There are times when you need to be able to establish a change or separation of different sections. You can draw simple dividers like these to do that. You can also use designs like these as borders.

Super Basic Dividers

If you want divider designs that are even more basic, you can create some like these. They’re basically just horizontal lines with easy shapes coming off on either side. As you get more comfortable with doodling, you can experiment and make your designs more intricate.


Use headers to indicate the purpose of each page (or section), and headers always look better with a banner. They may look difficult, but drawing banner doodles couldn’t be easier thanks to this guide.

Holiday Doodles

Holidays naturally create fun, festive doodling possibilities. Here are some simple holiday doodle ideas for any time of the year.


Add some holiday cheer to your bujo with these simple but festive Christmas holiday planner doodles! Santa hats, ornaments, stockings and more are a snap with these easy-to-replicate designs.


Winter holidays may be the first holidays you think of, but drawing fireworks for the 4th of July (or any celebration) is fun, too!

Planner Doodles: Final Thoughts

I hope you love these planner doodle ideas! This collection is a good representation of how simple doodles can be across all areas of life. You can practice your artistic skills with doodle drawings and feel free to let your creativity flow because there’s no wrong way to do it. Grab your DIY planner mini kit and get started.

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  1. i’ve been searching high and low for FOOD stickers – and i found some i like but they’re like 3″. way too big for my food journal. i run a journaling group and i collect all sorts of ephemera and have an extensive journaling board on pinterest — *and it never occured to me* to DRAW some little foods. i could doodle them right onto the page. LOL the ADHD brain in action

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