Back to School SVG Files for Crafts and Planners

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These back to school svg files will help you with a last minute teacher gift, fun decor for the back to school photos (in person or distance learning), and help you keep track of the fall schedule.

Every year we say it. How can it be time to go back to school already?

The most impactful post that I saw about summer and back to school with kids was a few years ago. You really only have 18 summers with your kids. 18 seasons.

After that, they are busy starting their own lives. They might still be around for some summer activities, but having your kids for a full summer only happens about 18 times.

That just seems crazy to me.

And prompted me to make sure we enjoy every single moment of summer that we can. Suck the marrow out of that one.

Back to School is Still Exciting

With all that being said. I still love back to school.

Probably the teacher in me.

New crayons, fresh pads of paper, a new pack of sticky-notes, fun fall clothes. The excitement of a new routine. New friends. The end of one moment in time and the start of another.

These back to school svg files are free for you to download and use as you plan your back-to-school activities.

Maybe each kid needs a new shirt. Or you need a gift for this years teachers. It is possible that you are the teacher this year and you need some “school fuel”.

Download them all. Pick and choose. We have all gathered together again to offer you something fun and creative this month. Enjoy.

Back to School Planner Stickers

happy planner with diy planner printable stickers

Set your planner up to keep track of school days, homework, early release, and meetings.

These planner stickers will be fun in your own planner and you can also print them for your child to use in their own planner.

Start them young. Right?!

Learn, Create, Explore Paper Craft

create learn explore paper craft back to school decor

You can make this paper craft for your classroom, as a teacher gift, or decorate your distance learning area of the house so the kids feel like they are at school.

This is a super cute layered paper craft project that the kids can help with. Make it an art lesson and you are being cross-curricular. Homeschooling will get easier with practice.


Making a Difference: Distance Learning

making the difference even with the distance teacher svg file

This back to school svg will make a super cute teacher gift. Add some fun school colors and cut it for a tote or a t-shirt.

I love the way she added the map pins to the design. You could switch the colors on those to represent the teachers location and the students. Add some apples or crayons to make it for the Kinder teacher.


An Apple for the Teacher

free monogram frame back to school svg apple

Print an apple frame for home decor pieces or use this fun SVG on a planner divider page.

Cut the monogram version and use it for a shirt or label school supplies in a cute and unique way. (Get more vinyl project ideas here…)


Cupcake Topper for Each Grade

paper flag for grade level back to school svg cupcake topper

We celebrate birthdays and anniversaries with cakes.

Why not back to school as well?

Add a grade level flag to a cupcake for your first day of school photos. Or maybe set them up for an after school treat when the kids get home.

Make the start to this new school year memorable.


Hello Online Learning

hello third grade online svg vinyl sign

It has been a very unique year.

Back to school looks very different for all students and teachers. Since your child’s learning platform might be online instead of in person, you can show that in your first day photos with this “online” learning sign.

Cut the vinyl. Add some pizazz and get those first day of school photos in the books.


Fuel for School

school fuel coffee drink sticker

As a former teacher, this one is probably my favorite. There was no such thing as getting through a school day without some coffee.

Whatever drink the teacher loves this year, it will be extra special in this school fuel cup.


Back to Cool

School is cool and now you can show how much you love school with this hip design.

Add it to a tote or a t-shirt (with or without the words).


I know this time of year is crazy (even in normal times). Enjoy a little craftiness and some fun designs. Give yourself a little break now and then.

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