Best Vinyl Cricut Projects and Crafts to Make with Your Machine

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What types of vinyl Cricut projects do you want to make? There are so many options out there besides just making t-shirts (not that those aren’t fun).

What do you do with all those scraps that are left over after you make a few shirts.

You can use them on paper to make cards or gift tags. Or you can create cute coffee cups and Christmas ornaments.

Dig through the best vinyl Cricut projects in this post and get some ideas.


Confused by Vinyl: Grab the Guide

Learn all about vinyl for craft projects with this complete guide.
Succulent in a white container.

Craft Blanks for Cricut Projects

If you need blanks for your Cricut projects and you aren’t sure where to find those, check out this post.

Harry Potter Decor

There really isn’t a season for Harry Potter (although fall usually finds me craving a binge session).

I don’t know about you, but I am still waiting on my letter too.

Home Decor Cricut Projects

Canvas decor, reversed canvas so your art is framed, vinyl and paper mixed art, and welcome to our home signs. There are so many ways to create home decor with vinyl and your Cricut machine.

You are not limited to just canvas either. There are split wood board blanks available. Metal and glass lanterns as well as shadow boxes with glass.

Gifts or Favors with Vinyl

These bubbles are personalized for the end of the school year and to welcome in summer fun.

You can use your Cricut font and print on tags to match the words on the favors. Or mix and match your fonts and where you place the vinyl.

Cold Drink Cups

There are loads of tumbler and drink cup ideas online. These are just a few of my favorites.

I’ve grew up on Disney and Mickey Mouse. Mix that with a cold Starbuck’s coffee cup and you just can’t go wrong. I might need to make one or two of those for my own use!

Wine Glasses

You don’t have to be a wine drinker to appreciate these fun wine glasses. Who says you can’t drink your orange juice (or tequila spritzer) out of a wine glass?

Holiday wine quotes or just every day “momma needs her wine” quotes are a great first project to make with vinyl and your Cricut.

Recycled Water Bottles

If you have a glass juice bottle left over you can totally recycle it into a water bottle. Use your Cricut vinyl scraps and add a quote.

There are free SVG files for the “how much water” to drink measurements that you could add as well.

Vinyl for Paper Crafts

Did you know that you can use vinyl on paper? Even iron on vinyl.

Its true.

Use glitter vinyl to make stickers or create a fun coffee subway art card.

Or cut out a quick quote or greeting for a thank you card envelope.

Tea and Coffee Cups

This is where my heart is. Not that I need more coffee cups.

Although I could be talked into one more cup for that Mario SVG. Unless I add him to one of my Yeti cups. Uggg.

Laundry Room Signs

Someday, I will have a laundry room that is worthy of a laundry room sign. When that day comes, I will probably end up working and living in that area. For days. And days.

I’ll save vinyl projects like these until that day finally arrives.

Shadow Boxes with Vinyl and Paper Flowers

Shadow boxes with curled paper flowers make great gifts. You can add a quote, name, or special date to the glass with vinyl (my favorite is glitter vinyl).

Check out this post for more ideas for shadow box crafts and rolled flowers.

mom shadow box with Cricut flowers for Mother's Day

Pumpkin Decor

Now that my kids are older and out of the house, there really isn’t any reason to make messy Jack-o-lanterns.

I’m obsessed with these no-cut pumpkin decor ideas.

no cut pumpkins best vinyl cricut projects perfectpumpkins

Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen decor with different utensils and vinyl labels make a farm fresh feeling.

Create your simple minimalistic decor with a rolling pin, some different paint colors, your Cricut machine and some vinyl.

House Plants and Garden Pots

Vinyl can be used on terra cotta pots as a sticker or as a stencil before you paint over it.

You can also use vinyl on outside ceramic pieces to label you herbs in the garden.

Cleaning Supplies

Label your cleaning supplies so you know which spray bottle is the one with the soap and which has the bleach.

There is nothing worse than grabbing the bleach for a clothing stain and thinking you grabbed the soap. My purple sweatshirt can tell you all about it.

Christmas Ornaments

Clear Christmas ornaments can be colored with paint swirls on teh inside and then add labels with vinyl.

Choose holiday colors for your vinyl (and maybe add in some glitter versions) and make the labels for clear ornaments.

Dress up the tree with vinyl on glass ornaments or even small wood rounds.

I hope you found something in this list to inspire your vinyl Cricut projects. If there is a fun project that you think I should add to the list, leave me a comment. I’m always looking for fun new ideas too…

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