My Favorite Happy Planner Accessories for an Organized Year

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I think of planning as a time that’s semi-relaxing while still being productive. I’m making notes of tasks that I need to accomplish – errands, appointments, phone calls, and other to-dos. At the same time, I’m being creative and making those to-do lists eye-catching and pretty. It’s a win-win.

Don’t eye-catching lists just automatically make you feel more productive and ready to accomplish something?

Here are the best, most helpful Happy Planner accessories to support your efforts to stay organized and use your planner the way it was meant to be used: to save time while being productive.

stickers and accessories for happy plannners

It doesn’t really matter as long as your method helps you to be more productive. But above all else, what a planner (and the act of planning) should not be is stressful, overwhelming, or complicated.

I believe that good planning involves some combination of scheduling your life in a planner and being creative. Maybe you spend more time on the creative side or maybe you spend more time on the planning side. 

How to Use a Planner (and its Accessories) the Right Way

When it comes to planners, I’ve tried ‘em all. I’ve tried simple ones, fancy ones, cheap ones, and expensive ones. I’ve even tried planner apps. What I’ve found is that I am the most productive when I am able to physically cross things off the to-do list. Isn’t it just so satisfying?

At the same time, if you spend all your time (and money) planning or decorating your planner instead of doing what you have written in it, then you aren’t using it in the right way. 


It can be easy to occasionally, shall we say, spend too much time being creative? However, I am of the firm mindset that certain accessories combat that to actually save time and boost productivity. 

Today I’m diving into my favorite Happy Planner accessories to show you how they can help keep you on track with getting those to-do lists completed.

My Favorite Happy Planner Accessories for Productivity

We all lead busy lives, right? If we had nothing to kill each day but time, there would be no need to use a planner. However, time often feels as if it’s in short supply and our to-do lists loom large.

With this in mind, I’m always searching for ways to organize and plan more efficiently. Some might even say that I’m just slightly obsessive about being efficient! But I want to make the most of my time so that I have the ability to be productive and have fun too.

I have found several Happy Planner accessories that help me be creative while reducing the time I spend on planning. Bonus: they also allow me to be more productive by not letting me forget certain items on my list. These supplies are all part of my Happy Planning process. 


I am pretty particular about the types of pens I like to use in my planner. I will only use pens that don’t bleed through the paper. 


Some people prefer to use only black and blue to write, and other colors (or stickers and washi tape) to add additional accent colors. I tend to generally fall in this camp, so my favorite pens are the clear blue-barreled BIC pens. 

I love having my writing look fairly simple and straightforward and to use stickers and other accessories to add those pops of color I crave.

Others, on the other hand, love using multiple colored pens to add color and flair to their planners. They see individual tasks on their lists better when they pop off the page in different colors. 

In that case, I highly recommend using the Pilot G2 gel pens. They write so smoothly and provide bold, solid colors without bleeding through the page.

There really are no rules when it comes to your ink color and planning – the only right way to do it is the way that works for you (and that can change over time!).

You will also find that most planners love to use a Uni-Ball Gel pen in white (like this one) to cover up lines, mistakes, and keep stickers from showing through when layered.

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White Out Correction Tape

The runner white-out tape that comes in a handheld dispenser is also a supply that most planners reach for.

white out correction tape for planners

This correction tape is great when you want to cover up the lines on a planner to change it to a different layout (think turning a vertical planner into a dashboard planner) or cover up a quote you don’t want.


Stickers are one of my top Happy Planner accessories because they are such a fun and easy way to personalize my planner. Plus, they save me time since I’m not drawing the doodles from scratch.

And because I use stickers, I don’t feel the need to buy or use oodles of multi-colored pens. I’ll occasionally use one here and there for fun (or to cross items off the list), but the stickers do the work of calling my attention to items without the need for doodles or lots of colored pens.

Here’s my top tip for using stickers in your planner: stickers are most effective when they’re used in such a way that calls your attention to the things that matter. 

happy planner sticker accessories

In other words, using stickers in a way that distracts you only hinders your productivity. With that in mind, I recommend using them somewhat sparingly, but very intentionally.

Plus, each packet includes stickers with inspirational quotes on them. They’re perfect when you need that little “pick-me-up”!

Note: If you like using stickers, color coding stickers are a quick and easy way to organize your tasks. Just remember to keep your coding consistent or you’ll really mess yourself up! Keeping a post-it in your planner with the color code key can be a lifesaver. 

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Washi Tape

If you’re someone who thrives on having colorful design elements in your planner, Washi tape is a great way to accomplish that without spending gobs of time creating them from scratch. 


You can also use it to make something stand out in a big way, such as an important appointment or event like a fun vacation!

Craft Knives and Scissors

Slicing straight lines with a craft knife (or X-acto knife like this one) to make straight edges to use in the boxes of your planner spread is very handy.

You can cut carefully while the sticker is on the page, or place a cutting pad under the sticker sheet and cut while it is still on the sheet.

This is also a great tool for trimming washi tape after you have made a line or two go across the page. Great for accents.

Scissors are great for trimming stickers, washi tape. and papers you may want to add to your planner layout. My all-time favorite is the Cutter Bee scissors (you can get them here).

Extension Packs

One of my very favorite features about the Happy Planner is the ability to purchase affordable extension packs to boost my planner with regard to certain themes. From budgeting to faith, fitness or student planning, and more, there’s an extension pack made specifically for your needs.

calendar extension for happy planners

These packs take the basic Happy Planner and focus it a little more on the specific areas you need to help you rock your organization.

Planner Inserts

I love using inserts, that’s all there is to it. I definitely rely on dividers, pocket folders, and envelopes to allow me to easily find my place in the planner as well as keep me from losing little items that I need to just stash for safe-keeping on short notice. 

happy planner printable inserts

You’d be amazed how often that happens – and how much these inserts keep me from losing receipts, small notes and other important items!

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Stretchy Bands

Another one of my favorite Happy Planner accessories – who am I kidding? They’re all my favorites!

If you’re not quite sure what I’m talking about regarding stretchy bands, think of a band similar to a thin elastic headband that is often used in journals and other notebooks to bind pages together so you can find the page where you left off quickly.

elastic planner bands

I use these all the time to help me keep my place in my planner when I need to close it. And with so many color and design choices available, you’re sure to find one you love. 


I know what you’re probably thinking: why would you need clips in addition to a stretchy band? Simple: they function in two similar but distinctively different ways. 

Stretchy bands are wonderful for binding large sections together. One way I’ve utilized them is to hold past months together when I’m in the middle of the planning year.

happy planner binder clips

Paper clips and binder clips, on the other hand, come in really handy when you need to bind smaller sections together or mark multiple pages of your planner in an unobtrusive way.

For example, you may use a small binder clip to bind an entire month together or paper clips to mark pages with important meetings or appointments so that you can quickly find them when you need to.

You might also use paper clips to clip important papers (coupons, notes, prescriptions) that you don’t want to lose in a place where you can find it as you need it.

Happy Planner Half-Sheet Filler Paper

I love these little paper packets! They are perfect for writing down shopping lists and running into the grocery store with it, jotting a quick note to your child’s teacher to send to school, and anything else that requires you to rip out the page and take it with you.

happy planner half page filler sheets

I have found that they’re the perfect size, easy to tear-and-go when needed, and they have some adorable patterns. 

Happy Planner Hole Punch

If you love to add accessories to your planner, many come already hole-punched. However if you ever buy off-brand items or create your own DIY Planner accessories, you’ll need a hole punch to make the holes in the appropriate spots to fit your planner rings.

A Word About Sizing

As you probably know, the Happy Planner has three different planner sizes: mini, classic, and big. A few of these Happy Planner accessories that I mentioned (i.e., the clips) can be used interchangeably between the different sizes.

Others work best when they are purchased for the size planner that you have. For example, mini Happy Planner accessories work best with the mini Happy Planner. The same goes for big Happy Planner accessories in the big Happy Planner, and classic accessories for the classic version.

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Where Can I Buy Happy Planner Accessories?

Depending on what accessories you’re looking for, my top four go-tos would be Amazon,, Etsy or my shop.

Another option to consider is a Printable Planner Companion Kit. It’s a “Frankenplanner” that allows you to easily customize your planner exactly the way you want it. After all, your planner should keep you organized without being time-consuming or stressful!

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