Create a Grinchy Christmas Mean One Treat Box

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The best way to kick off the Holiday season is with the Grinch movie. In our household, we usually watch the old animation on Christmas Eve. And then probably a few more times on Christmas morning along with the audio version.

This Mean One Treat Box is a fun way to add to your holiday decor. It is also a great gift to give full of your homemade holiday treats, store-bought goodies, or an arrangement of small gifts. It holds a bit more than you would anticipate.

Supplies for Making this Grinchy Treat Box

I make these treat boxes out of cardstock and glue. Nothing fancy because they are darn cute in their simplicity. You could add some extra bling, fuzz balls, candy canes, etc. if you wanted to dress them up a bit.

  • Christmas Treat Boxes SVG (get the bundle or each individual character)
  • Cardstock in multiple colors
  • Scissors or a cutting machine (Cricut, Silhouette, etc)
  • Glue or really sticky tape

Making the Treat Boxes

The hardest part of putting these boxes together is getting the tabs to stick to the base circles. Use a glue that grabs quickly or a really sticky double-sided tape, like Scor-Tape.


If you rub your papers across the edge of your counter or a cabinet door, similar to how you straighten out a dollar bill, it will break the fibers in the paper and help you form the curve of each cylinder better.

  1. Fold all the tabs. on the score lines.
  2. Glue each rectangle with tabs to the corresponding circle base. This should create your cup shape.
  3. Glue the second circle over the tabs to cover them and hold them in place more securely.
  4. Add the border pieces to the outside of the cylinder, making sure that all your seams are toward the back of your treat box.
  5. Attach the hat piece to the top of the lid.
  6. Add your embellishment pieces.
  7. Fill with treats or gifts and share the festiveness.
elf-treat-box-cardstock paper

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