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Quick and Easy Gnome Lollipop Holder Collections

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Here is my Valentine’s Day gift to you. A sweet set of gnome lollipop holders that you can use to wrap up gifts for others.

Share and share alike. Isn’t that how it is said?

Pass it on with a sweet treat (Lindt chocolates will fit in there too!)

They look like they are time-consuming, but really they are so quick to make. Set them up assembly line style and just start working on a whole village. With all the holiday treats.

FREE Gnome Candy Holder

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    Get Your Gnome Lollipop Holders

    Just fill in the form to download the file and then get busy. Make as many as you need (commercial use is 100% okay as well).

    Thank you for being a visitor on Lemony Fizz and for supporting my crafty endeavors <3 You can find more free files (as well as the gnome lollipop holders) in the Free SVG library.



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