Check Out These Easy Cricut Crafts for Kids

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You don’t always want to work on crafts for kids.

And it seems like it never fails. As soon as you settle into your craft space, all cozy and ready to be creative and work on your own crafts, the kids pop up. Include them too.

Glue, paper, scissors.

They want it all. (even the teenagers have a tendency to do this!)

Crafts for Quality Family Time

With these craft ideas, you can use your Cricut to cut out supplies quickly. Set the kids up with their own projects. Schedule it so you have some time to do a few projects and crafts for the kids. Then, take the time to go do your own projects too.

Some of these will need supervision throughout the entire process. Others, you could make into a “rainy day” kit or when they come to you complaining about “how bored” they are. Just hand them one of these pre-made projects.

They can go find their own little space to be creative and if you are lucky you will get a few minutes of quiet time. Time to do your own thing!

Besides crafts, you can also have your Cricut draw out images to color. Heavier cardstock can be used for art projects (the kind that can be framed but won’t fit in your regular printer). The Cricut draws out an image for your kids to color or paint.

Try These Easy Cricut Crafts

These kid-friendly Cricut crafts are quick and easy. Pick a few and use them for some quality family time, a boredom-buster, or just keep a few kits handy so they can grab them when they are feeling creative!

Crafts for Kids

Which ones did you like best when you were looking through the list? Did your kids have a favorite? Paper projects seem to draw me in more. Less mess. It’s time to get over the aversion to glitter!

Want grown-up vinyl Cricut projects? Click here to be inspired and find some new project ideas.

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