Free Gingerbread Box Card for DIY Handmade Christmas Gifts

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The colors of Christmas bring on a feeling of nostalgia. This little gingerbread box card is no exception. He also adds a little bit of cheer.

Box cards add dimension to a paper project that foam dots just don’t manage. Add a few foam dots to each panel and you are really cooking (errr…baking).

Box Card Tutorial

The process of putting the panels into a box card was a mystery to me until I made a handful of them. I used to make the outer box first, then insert the panels. Glue messes galore. And I could never line up the panels without them going crooked or curved.

This tutorial will show you how to add the panels BEFORE you close the box. Game changer.

Supplies for Handmade Christmas Box Cards

FREE Gingerbread Box Card

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    If you are using a cutting machine to make this holiday box card such as a Cricut Maker, Cricut Explore, Silhouette Cameo, or Brother ScanNCut, be sure to set your score lines (or delete them so they don’t cut off panels). There is a whole pack of handmade Christmas card SVG files in the shop. Be sure to check them out.

    Assembling a Handmade Box Card

    Once you have all the pieces cut, you are ready to assemble. If you struggle to keep track of all the puzzle pieces of a project, I would suggest cutting one section at a time. The front and back panels, then each panel insert. Personally, I just send it all to the machine, lay it out, and then piece it all together. I like puzzles *wink*.

    cut cardstock papers for gingerbread box card
    candy canes and snowflakes box card

    Piece together each of the elements with glue, foam dots, and any embellishments you want to add. Some elements are easy to make off the panel. Alignment doesn’t matter on some (like the candy canes). If you are unsure, piecing them on the panel will help with alignment. It will also help with the puzzle of which piece goes where.

    lolly pop and gumdrops box card panel
    gingerbread cookie Christmas handmade card

    The bright pink squares in the cut file are for your pattern paper. Choose a paper that you have in your stash or get a fun new set of Christmas papers. This set is from Doodlebug Designs.

    Once you have all the elements on your panel inserts and the front and back panels, you are ready to put the card together. The front panel has a flap. The back panel will have elements or be just a single box line.

    front panel gingerbread box card

    The back panel of this card is the rolling pin and whisk. I messed up and put my pattern paper on the inside. Whoops. I just cut two more panels and added them to the outside.

    Fold your flaps and get ready to glue your 3 panel inserts inside the gingerbread card.

    back panel box card for Christmas crafts

    Placing Panels in a Box Card

    When you cut the file, you will notice an F, B, 1, 2, 3 cut into each panel.

    F = front panel

    B = back panel

    Then each panel goes in order. 3 will be closest to the back of the card. Then stack in numerical order toward the front.

    placing inside panels in a box card
    aligning panels in a box card

    Place each panel flush with the top of the back side panel of the box. Start with panel number 3 and line it up parallel to the back crease on the box (you will be gluing to the inside of the right-hand side of the box).

    Each panel will line up with the top of the right side and the panel behind it. Leave just a little space for movement of each panel when you pop open the card or squish it flat.

    line up panels for spacing in a box card
    flatten the panels in a box card to make sure they are aligned

    Once all 3 panels are glued to the right-hand inside part of the box, you will be able to push them flat and they will line up in descending order (3, 2, 1).

    Add glue or adhesive to each of those panel tabs. All at the same time.

    place the front panel over the 3 tabs with glue or adhesive

    Line up the front panel with the top edge of each of the panel inserts, the bottom edge of the back panel, and the crease line of your tab with the outer left edge. Press to stick your adhesive. Let it sit for a second or two. Make sure your glue is holding.

    Now you can add glue to the front and back tabs to complete the box.

    panels of gingerbread box card
    side view of gingerbread box card to show dimension

    There is nothing quite like a homemade Christmas card. These box cards will bring lots of ooohhhss and awwwwss with all the fun colors, dimensions, and cute characters.

    diy Christmas box card set
    Get this set in the shop.

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