Halloween Gnomes: Witch and Vampire Lollipop Holders Free SVG

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Halloween gnome lollipop holders will make a great way to dress up your Halloween candy. These are quick and easy to make and kids and adults alike will love putting them together.

The supplies are minimal but the results are super cute.


Halloween Gnome Paper Craft Supplies

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Once you have the pieces of for your Halloween Gnome papercraft cut out and sorted, it is time to put them together.

Step by Step Directions for Witch Gnome and Vampire Gnome

You can start by putting all the small elements together: pumpkins and candy corn. There are 4 per lollipop holder.

Next, put on the background pieces. Start at the back and work your way forward by attaching the gnome’s face piece on the witch and then cloak on the vampire.

Be sure to put the vampire’s beard on and the witch’s hair before you put down the hats.

Double-check the curves of the hat pieces to make sure your colored pieces are facing the right direction.

After you have the main background pieces down and the hat base, you can add the hat brim and stripe. Once those are done, use a piece of foam tape or a foam dot to put on the noses.

The last pieces are the candies and the little hands. These should be on the edges of the circle hole where the sucker or lollipop will show through.

TIP: you can use a few small dots of glue to seal the tops of the holders once the lollipops are in place. this will keep everything tight and secure.

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      1. They are very cute, thanks!!

        I am looking forward to the challenge, I started my first card today…

        Thanks and enjoy!

  1. I just happen to stumble upon you and your event today. So glad I did. Love the gnome lollipop holder cut files too. Thank you.

  2. Another chance to win? How exiting! Thanks!!

    Now onto the card making section of this blog. I saw some cool designs👍

  3. So stinkin cute!! My little girl & I love gnomes – this is super cute to make for her classmates. Thank you!!

  4. I think these Gnome sucker holders are so darn cute! I will be making these to give to people for Halloween, for sure!

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