Make Gorgeous Paper Flowers from These Paper Flower Templates

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Flowers are one of my most favorite things and paper flower templates make me just as happy as the real thing.

Spring is probably my favorite season and one of the reasons is because the flowers come back. I used to go for walks and look in the ditches and places that I knew the buttercups would bloom first. Those first blossoms are like hope springing up again after a long winter

When you can’t find the real deal or you don’t want them dying on your kitchen table after a few days, paper flowers are the next best thing.

Using Templates with Your Cricut

There are no hard and fast rules for making paper flowers. You can use any type of paper you have on hand, real sticks for the stems and a bunch of other supplies around the house that you wouldn’t even think would make great flowers.

If you want to get really fancy with your paper flowers you might need to invest in a few specialty supplies like:

  • wire or paper straw stems
  • pre-made stamens
  • quality tissue paper
  • florist tape

These supplies aren’t necessary but the will help you to make a wider variety of flowers using the following paper flower templates. Making Cricut flowers will save cutting time, but that is also not necessary if you don’t have one (thinking of buying a Cricut? check out this Cricut Maker guide).

Create Something Beautiful with Your Hands

When you take the time to learn a new skill or enhance an old one, working with your hands will always bring you joy. It’s part of our nature to admire the beauty of a flower. It’s also part of our nature to appreciate the skills it takes to build something from scratch.

No matter how simple.

Or complicated.

Just make something. Your inner creative will thank you!

You can also draw your own flowers and use them for beautiful works of art.

Gerbera Daisy Flowers

Paper templates for Gerbera Daisy flowers in a white vase with ribbons.
Gerbera Daisy Flowers by Lia Griffith

These stunning paper flowers were made with a template by Lia Griffith. If you have never checked out her templates and tutorials before, they need to be added to your list.

There are times that I have to really study the image to see if the paper is real or fake. That’s how spectacular they are.

Each step of the process is broken down and a suggested supply list is also provided. You will love the flowers that you find on this website.

Rolled Paper Hyacinth

Paper hyacinth flowers with green stems.
Hyacinth Paper Flowers by One Little Project

Looking for a paper project that you can do with the kids this spring? Look no further. The directions for this flower are simple and even a younger crafter can complete these flowers.

The only thing I think will slow them down is the number of blossoms they need to make. I could see them losing interest after a while and you will be making the rest of the blossoms.

Maybe try building these flowers in stages. Spend some time rolling blossoms and then the next stage can be putting a flower or two together so the finished project can inspire more creativity.

These paper flowers look amazing in a vase and will last forever!

Pretty Paper Gardenia

Paper gardenia on a blue background.
Paper Gardenia by Abbie Kirsten

The simple beauty of this flower by Abbie Kirsten Collections will inspire you to dig out the paper and glue. One single flower is beautiful and a collection of them would make a beautiful swag for your home decor or party decorations.

Mix and match pastel colored papers and you would have an amazing spring bouquet. Making them smaller and adding them to shadow boxes would be another easy and satisfying project. (You can grab a set of 8 x8 shadow boxes on Amazon for a great price.)

Bonus: Hand Cut Paper Peonies (no machine needed)

Two paper peonies in orange and purple.
Pretty Peonies by Brighter Sides

A flower can bring a smile to anyone’s face, I think. These hand-cut paper peonies made by Brighter Sides are no exception.

The tutorial is quick and easy to follow. Even if you are new to making paper flowers, you will end up with a gorgeous flower when you are done.

The happy yellow centers add the perfect touch. You can create this entire flower without using a cutting machine.

Coffee Filter Peonies

Paper flower templates for pink filter flowers.
Coffee Filter Peonies by Pretty Petals

I don’t know about you, but these flowers make me want to redecorate my entire house. I want a little cottage that is all shabby chic. With these flowers all over. In vases. On the walls. Over picture frames.

You can almost smell the summer rain and brewing coffee mixed with flower perfume when you look at these peonies by Pretty Petals.

After making these coffee filter flowers, you will never look at coffee filters the same way again. Now you will just see all the pretty flowers you can make.

Who needs coffee when you can make flowers instead?

Okay. That might be a little far fetched. Coffee AND flowers. That’s better!

Tissue Paper Wedding Flowers

Tissue paper flower bundle.
Wedding Flower Tutorial by Let’s Make Stuff

This tissue paper flower is another great one that you can make without a Cricut or Silhouette machine. All you need is a few sheets of tissue paper in the colors of your choice, scissors, and a stapler, and you are ready to make some Cricut paper flowers.


You don’t even need an adhesive for this one. The staple will hold the center of the flower together. No glue (and no burned fingers) needed.

The tutorial on Let’s Make Stuff will show you how to add variety by cutting the ends of the flowers in different shapes to get different designs. She made over 500 of these for her wedding! They must be simple and easy if you can crank out that many flowers and still like them!

Paper Carnation

Paper Carnation by Paper Posy

I love all flowers. But I think I saved the best for last on this post.

Carnations are probably one of my most favorite flowers. We didn’t have a lot growing up (that might be an understatement). Dad did the best he could…but things were always lean.

On the walk to the grocery store, there was a dumpster for the floral shop. They would throw out broken or older carnations that they couldn’t use in arrangements.

Dad would peek in there now and then and grab out a few decent carnations and bring them home. He would put them on our placemats for dinner, or add them to a little jar on a breakfast tray during the weekends.

For me, carnations are still the sweetest most thoughtful flower someone can give. Paper or real. Doesn’t matter.

Books About Paper Flowers

I have a few books that have paper flower templates and that walk you through the process of making paper flowers. They are great to have on hand when you don’t know what you want to make. You can browse all the flower types and then decide based on what catches your attention or what supplies you have on hand.

My most favorite book is Paper to Petal: 75 Whimsical Paper Flowers to Make by Hand. The directions are easy to follow. The pictures are AMAZING and I could browse this book and get lost for hours without even making a set of flowers.

Paper Flowers Around Your House

I’ve had a set of paper flowers on my kitchen table for over 4 years now. I love that they are always providing color to the room, they don’t shed petals and they are bright and cheery.

Another piece that has always been my favorite is one that I made for my sister. It has little green blossoms that look like cherry blossoms and I attached them to a stick that I pulled out of my lilac bush. It looks like a real branch of flowers but they have been hanging on her wall for years.

However you decide to use these paper flower templates and tutorials, I am sure they will brighten your house and bring you happiness. Enjoy!

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