25 Weekly Planner Layouts that are Stunning in Black and White

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These planner layout ideas prove that you don’t have to only plan in a minimalist style if you choose to design without any major color. You can add it very detailed imagery in monochromatic color schemes that make is fancy yet minimal.

You don’t have to design your weekly planner layouts with a ton of color to make them absolutely gorgeous.

After seeing and processing colors all day long, our brains love to see the stark contrast of black and white. Add just a touch of color and it becomes a very pleasing combination.

Minimalist Happy Planners

There are (or were) a few minimalist planners that had very little color. A planner that doesn’t already have a ton of really bright colors is easier to use for a black and white spread.


Planners that are bright and colorful can still be used to create a black and white spread for your weekly planner layout. Just use stickers and correction tape to help you tone it down a bit.


Simple Black and White

I love the simplicity of this planner layout. A few floral doodles, a bold quote, and boxes with the date above.

The pages are from a Happy Planner notebook (you can tell by the squares). Making a layout that is unique and fits your style with these types of pages is super simple.


A Halloween Weekly Spread

This one has a touch of color. But it it just enough for emphasis and to make a few design details pop.

The page is full of detail and design elements. A planner spread in black and white does not need to be crisp and simple. It can be as complex as you want to make it.

black-and-white-halloween-inkasauruscrafts weekly planner layout

Stickers and Washi Tape

Using black and white washi tape and stickers can help you alter a colorful page in your planner.

Cover up the colors and then use black pen for your planning. The binding and the pops of gold in the stickers are a great touch on this daily planner spread.


Dashboard Weekly Plans

Dashboard spreads are my favorite (although I am learning to love a vertical).

The added touch of the black and white stripe stickers and chunks of black for quotes and it makes a pleasant layout.

actually-i-can-busyplannerbabe weekly planner layout

Budget Planning

Budget planning is not something that I do well. It isn’t that I don’t stick to a budget…there just isn’t much that changes from month to month. So why spend the time doing busy work to re-write it each month?

This is a budget spread that I could get behind. I like the different account tracking. And the “mark off what you paid” part at the end of the month.

Maybe if I remake this spread, I could get better at budget planning.

Your planner layouts do not need to be overly complicated to be effective. And mixing and matching planner pages and layouts is totally acceptable. Make your planner (or planners) work for you.


Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

Bullet journals can also be as bright and vibrant as you want. Or they can be black and white for a beautiful contrast.

The touches of sky blue in the one along with the tan make it a very pretty spread.


Floral Layouts

I don’t know about you, but I am a sucker for florals. Always have been.

Pen and ink was my favorite medium in high school. Before I found gouache.

The large flowers paired with a flowing script are very eye-catching on this layout. Almost too pretty to write on.

You can check out this post to learn how to doodle flowers.

november-floral-spread-didi-journals weekly bullet journal layout

Minimal Color

This one might not fit perfectly into the “black and white” layout category. But close enough. The color are very muted and mostly slate blue and gold.

The contrast with the black and white makes a very busy page seem organized and simple. Balance is key.


Journaling Spreads

Your weekly planner layouts don’t have to be covered in stickers and designs to be visually appealing.

This planner spread is mostly black and white because of all the text. The bold font on a few pieces of text and a few visual elements to break up the flow help this layout to be visually appealing.

Functional is just as gorgeous and decorated.


Animal Prints

Sticker packs with animal prints have both solid stickers (that you can’t see through) and transparent stickers.

You can cover a whole planner layout with some animal print and a few boxes and it is instantly transformed.

And you know…leopard is the new black.


Geometric Shapes

Geometric stickers in black and white make a planning page instantly more unique.

The funny thing is, the boxes we already have for planning in are geometric. But when you layer a few more boxes offset on the page, it becomes a whole new planning space.

Turn those boxes into honey-comb shapes and it becomes true love. Who knew hexagons could be so cute?!

Now, the next trick is learning to use the circle stickers. I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time with that one.


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