The Best Happy Planner Stickers to Get You Organized in 2024

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Anytime I get a new planner, the very first thing I do is dive into it to see how I want to personalize it. I first started using a planner years ago before it was even crafty or cool to use one.

I knew that I needed something to keep me on track, and I was tired of losing my to-do lists written on little pieces of paper.  

Then came the introduction of creative planners like The Happy Planner. This planner design provides a space where productivity and creativity come together to allow (and encourage!) an outlet for crafting, while also staying on task more efficiently.

This simple yet genius idea does for busy women what they can’t do for themselves: gives permission (and time) to let their creative side out for some fresh air.

Here are the most adorable (and popular) Happy Planner stickers for you to use in your new planner that will help you have the most fun and use it effectively to maximize your productivity. 

Creativity with Stickers

And this combination of productivity and creativity keeps me coming back for more. I absolutely love The Happy Planner for its fun designs. But its versatility is really what makes this planner work for me. Thanks to different layout options and a huge selection of inserts, I can take a generic one-size-fits-most planner and transform it into a personalized planner that keeps me on track. 

What’s more, by using stickers, markers, and highlighters (or anything else that I want,) I can change, rearrange, and doodle to my heart’s content to transform a simple layout into something uniquely my own.  

The Happy Planner’s basic yet remarkable concept excels in its versatility and additional accessories. One of my favorite types of accessories for these planners is the Happy Planner journaling stickers. 

There is such a large variety of cute and fun stickers that I’m dedicating this post to showing you some of the best options. I hope this stops you from going down the same rabbit hole I went down when I first started using the Happy Planner. It took me what seemed like days to resurface!

Happy Planner Stickers

Who doesn’t love stickers? Kids everywhere go ga-ga for them – and so does the kid in me! That’s only part of the reason I’m in love with Happy Planner stickers. Not only are they so much fun but they also offer a huge variety to fit anyone and everyone’s needs.

Plus, they make “doodling” and being creative crazy easy for anyone who doesn’t feel artistic.

Speaking of variety, have you seen how many MAMBI (Me & My BIG Ideas is the creator of The Happy Planner) sticker books there are? In addition to all the MAMBI stickers, you can find a huge number of sticker packs available from other brands too. 

Note: if you buy planner stickers from other brands, be sure to verify that they are designed to work with The Happy Planner before you purchase.

Why Use Stickers To Help You Organize Your Life?

Not only does using stickers provide fun and interesting elements to your planner, but they also help boost productivity. If you find yourself wondering how that could possibly be true, let me show you.

Our lives are busy! I don’t know about you, but when I make a generic to-do list I can get lost in All.  The. Things. Using different colors, symbols, or even highlighters helps draw my attention to certain items that I want to be sure I don’t forget.

Stickers do the same thing. They basically are little fun, neon signs that say “don’t forget about me!” But they’re so quick and easy to add to your planner that they help save time and prevent you from forgetting important items.

Four Big Ways Stickers Help You and Your Planning Efforts

  • They help you set up your schedule faster by allowing you to skip writing certain things by hand.
  • Stickers draw your attention to important tasks or due dates that you don’t want to miss.
  • Use stickers as icons or color-coding to help establish an order for your activities plan.
  • They can prompt you and help you stay on track with daily/weekly/monthly/yearly tasks.

See how useful stickers are?

Where to Find Happy Planner Stickers

MAMBI designs sticker packs to fit all of the different sizes of planners that you can purchase (classic, big, and mini).

You can definitely find great sticker options on The Happy Planner website. They offer a selection on And if you are lucky enough to live next to a craft store like Hobby Lobby or Michael’s, you can find them there.

However, my favorite place to go is Amazon because not only will you find MAMBI stickers, but they have a multitude of great sticker options made by other brands, too.

Buying sticker books gives you the best bang for your buck, and thankfully, the sticker books are organized according to interest or need.

Tip: Check the sticker sizes before you buy them. They work the best when you purchase the sticker packs in the size that corresponds with the size of your journal.

11 Best Happy Planner Sticker Books For 2021

Now let’s dive in and learn more about the stickers available for your Happy Planner. Choose one (or more!) of these 11 different packs of Happy Planner stickers to keep you organized and inspired!

1. The Happy Planner Scrapbooking Supplies Sticker Pack

This sticker set is a great, basic set for anyone who simply wants to add some bling and reminders to their planner. It’s filled with 30 pages of generic and colorful planner stickers with such things as lists, labels, inspirational sayings, and more. This is a perfect starter pack. 

Never Miss A Reminder; This value pack of stickers allows you to add a colorful reminder to your Happy Planner for everything


2. Seasonal Theme Sticker Pack

If you love the changing seasons and everything they offer as much as I do, then this sticker pack is a must-have for adding that necessary seasonal touch to your planner!

This pack of stickers is a great value because it includes the 4 seasons.

You can freshen up your planner and not get sick of the same planner theme and colors.


3. Colorful Boxes Theme Sticker Pack

Simply put, this set is perfect for everyone. With boxes of all sizes and colors covering 30 pages of sticker sheets, you will find the perfect element you need to add personality and organization to your planner

This set comes in a rainbow of colors as well as metallics.

What is great about this sticker pack is you can use it to change your planner layout. If you have a vertical planner and feel a horizontal style or dashboard style would work best…these stickers can help you change it up.


4. Faith Theme Sticker Pack

If your faith is the cornerstone of your life, then these stickers will be the cornerstone of your planner. Filled with quotes, verses, inspiration, and more, these stickers add colorful reminders of your faith to lift you up on those inevitable tough days.

Colorful and faith based, these stickers will help you decorate your planner while providing a space to express your faith.


5. Budget Theme Sticker Pack

This pack is perfect for anyone who wants to take control of their finances. With the focus placed on tracking daily expenses and staying on track with a monthly budget, these 30 pages of stickers provide lots of different options, reminders, and inspiration to add efficiency and productivity without wasting space.

There are budget inserts to add to your planner to help you track your money.

Including these budget stickers in your daily plans will help you to prepare and stick to your budget even better.


6. Student Theme Sticker Pack

Students have their own planning needs and challenges, so this sticker pack is beautifully designed with students in mind. The pages include stickers covering every aspect of academics (including holidays!) as well as an elastic band to keep the booklet secure when not in use.

Study reminders, when your assignments are due, season breaks and motivation. You will find it all in this student edition sticker pack.


7. Pregnancy Theme Sticker Pack

Pregnancy is a time filled with different-than-normal time requirements such as doctors’ appointments, classes, and more. Save yourself the hassle of writing all of these different items into your planner by using these stickers. Trust me, your “pregnancy brain” will thank you!

There are a lot of pregnancy gadgets and new things that have been created since I had kids. This is one of them.

I would have LOVED a sticker collection like this to use in my planner (along with that student edition up above) when I was pregnant with my two.


8. Happy Year Theme Sticker Pack

I’m a sucker for bright and colorful elements in my planner, and these Happy Year stickers fit the bill. They’re perfect for adding mood lifters sprinkled throughout the pages. I love them!

If I had to choose just two packs of stickers, it would probably be the box stickers above and this set.

There is just enough variety between the two. And not so much overwhelm that you get sticker shock. *wink*


9. Mom Theme Sticker Pack

Moms do a lot – it’s a fact. While moms make juggling 432 things at the same time look practically effortless, it requires intentional planning. That’s where this Mom Theme sticker pack acts as a lifesaver. 

Designed with the things that moms juggle in their mind, it offers bright, colorful reminders to keep moms organized.


10. Sports Theme Sticker Pack

Anyone who plays sports or has kids that play sports, know what a commitment it is. With practices and games multiple days of the week, it’s hard to keep track of where you need to be and when…until now. 

That’s the beauty of this sports-themed sticker pack. It not only saves you time by eliminating unnecessary writing, but it helps you get where you need to be when you need to be there.


11. Fitness Theme

We all know it’s important to exercise and be active. However, our busy lives can make it feel practically impossible to squeeze one more thing into our days.

That’s where these fitness stickers come in handy. They show you exactly how you can add exercise or activity into your day – and keep you accountable at the same time!


Final Thoughts Regarding Happy Planner Stickers

This is just a sampling of the most common sticker packs available from The Happy Planner. With so many options available, you can 100% find what you need for your planner.

The Happy Planner makes organizing your life a fun, creative activity rather than a dreaded chore – and their huge variety of sticker options are a huge part of their success.

The cost of buying a basic planner plus stickers and other accessories may be cost-prohibitive. If it is, consider investing in a Printable Planner Companion Pack. It’s a one-price-fits-all design that makes customizing your planner do-able without buying costly accessories.

The goal is to keep yourself stress-free and organized, right?

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