19 Scrapbooking Kit Clubs and Why You Should Use Them

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Once upon a time (and it was a long time ago), I had a scrapbooking kit club.

Blackberry Buckets.

That was one of my most favorite things to create and share online. Each month, I would curate a theme of pattern papers from different companies, mix in some Bazzil cardstock, a load of embellishments, a few ribbons, and some stickers.

Shipping was always fun. The ladies at the post office were a little shocked the first few times. I printed my labels and postage at home, so really, it was just a matter of passing the boxes over the counter.

My daughter loved to help me pick papers and stickers and she was always the biggest helper when it came time to box up the scrapbook of the month club goodies.

Why Subscribe to a Monthly Scrapbook Kit

Scrapbook kits are the perfect solution for both beginners and experienced crafters looking to create beautiful and memorable keepsakes. A scrapbook kit of the month is almost as much funs as a wine of the month club (the best would be blending the two together *wink*).

These kits provide an array of coordinated materials and embellishments, such as patterned papers, stickers, tags, cardstock, and more, which allow you to dive right into the creative process without the stress of searching for matching supplies.

With so many themes and styles to choose from, there is truly a scrapbook kit tailored to everyone’s interests, whether you’re documenting a family vacation, a milestone birthday, or simply immortalizing everyday moments.

One of the many benefits of using a scrapbook kit or a scrapbook layout kit is the convenience and time-saving aspect it offers. Instead of spending hours in craft stores or online browsing through seemingly endless supplies, a well-curated kit provides everything needed to complete a project from start to finish.


This allows you to focus solely on the fun and fulfilling aspects of scrapbooking, such as designing layouts, selecting photos, and adding personal touches to your pages.

In addition to the simplicity they provide, scrapbook kits also offer great value. By purchasing a bundle of coordinated materials, you are often able to save on the cost compared to buying individual items separately. This makes scrapbooking more accessible for those on a budget, allowing everyone the opportunity to preserve their cherished memories in a tangible and creative way.

Keep reading to learn more about Scrapbook kit clubs and find a list of the top choices for Scrapbook monthly kits.

Types of Scrapbook Kits

Scrapbooking is a fun and creative hobby that helps you preserve memories, photographs, and memorabilia. There are various types of scrapbook kits available, making it easier for beginners and experienced crafters to find the perfect tools and materials for their projects. In this section, we will be discussing three main types of monthly scrapbook kit clubs: Basic Kits, Themed Kits, and Scrapbook Company Kits.

Basic Kits

Basic scrapbook kits are designed for beginners or those who want to start off with essential supplies. These kits typically include a few essentials such as:

Some basic kits may also come with extras like page protectors, pens, or markers. These kits provide just enough supplies to get started, allowing you to customize your scrapbook further by adding your own stamps, die cuts, and other decorative elements.

Themed Kits

Themed scrapbook kits cater to specific events, occasions, hobbies, or interests. These kits often include coordinating patterned papers, stickers, stamps, inks, and embellishments that follow a particular theme. Examples of themed kits include:

  • Holidays (e.g., Christmas, Halloween, Easter)
  • Life events (e.g., birthdays, weddings, graduations)
  • Travel and adventure
  • Hobbies or interests (e.g., sports, gardening, pets)

Themed kits are a great way to quickly create pages that capture the essence of a specific subject or event. They also provide matching materials from different product companies to make your scrapbook look cohesive and well-designed.

Company Specific Kits

These are usually a full product line from a paper craft company. They include pattern papers, ribbons, brads, stickers, and sometimes coordinating cardstock. Usually, the kits follow a theme and everything coordinates.

  • Pattern papers
  • Coordinating cardstock
  • Embellishements
  • Stickers

If you love a product release from a company, their kit is usually a better deal and will save you money. Buy these types of kits when you know you want all the things that a company makes (and you will use them).


Components of Scrapbook Kits

In this section, we’ll discuss the key elements of a scrapbook kit, including high-quality paper, embellishments, stickers, and titles.

High-Quality Paper

One of the most important components of a scrapbook kit is the paper. High-quality paper not only looks better but also lasts longer, ensuring your creations stand the test of time. Scrapbooking kits typically include:

  • Cardstock: A thicker, sturdier paper often used as the base for your scrapbook pages
  • Patterned paper: Decorative paper that adds texture and color to your layouts
  • Specialty paper: Unique papers like vellum, foil, or glitter paper that can add a touch of elegance to your pages


Embellishments are decorative elements that add dimension and personality to your scrapbook pages. They come in various shapes, sizes, and styles, allowing you to customize your layouts with a personal touch. Some popular embellishments found in scrapbook kits include:

  • Die-cuts: Pre-cut shapes and designs that can be easily added to your pages
  • Brads and buttons: Decorative fasteners that can be used to attach other elements or simply add a pop of color
  • Ribbons and washi tape: Adhesive materials that can be used to create borders, add texture, or secure photos and other items to the page

Stickers and Titles

Stickers and titles play an important role in helping you tell the story of your memories. These elements allow you to add text, labels, and other information to your pages in a visually appealing way. Scrapbook kits often feature:

  • Alphabet stickers: Pre-cut letters in various styles and colors for creating custom titles and captions
  • Word stickers: Pre-written phrases and expressions that can be easily incorporated into your layouts
  • Decorative stickers: Various designs and icons, from flowers and hearts to seasonal and themed stickers, that can add flair and personality to your pages

In summary, a well-rounded scrapbook kit should contain high-quality paper, a range of embellishments, and an assortment of stickers to help you create unique, eye-catching pages that celebrate your memories. By selecting a kit with the right components, you can make your scrapbooking experience enjoyable and hassle-free.

Selecting the Perfect Scrapbook Kit

When it comes to scrapbooking, finding the right kit can make all the difference in the world. Here, we’ll guide you through the process of selecting the ideal scrapbook kit by discussing the following sub-topics: determining your style, choosing a layout, and quality and price considerations.

Determining Your Style

First and foremost, it’s essential to identify your personal scrapbooking style. Some common styles include:

  • Minimalistic: Focuses on clean lines and minimal embellishments
  • Shabby Chic: Incorporates distressed elements and vintage-inspired materials
  • Eclectic: Combines a mix of textures, patterns, and colors

Take some time to browse online galleries and scrapbooking examples to see which style appeals to you the most. Keep in mind that your style might evolve over time, which is part of the fun of the creative process.

Choosing a Layout

Next, consider the layout for your scrapbook. The two most popular sizes for scrapbook albums are 12×12 inches and 8.5×11 inches. These sizes are standard, making it easier to buy filler papers if needed.

Simple Stories is making super easy-to-use albums and pages that are 6 x 8 and I found at least one kit company that offers a kit for this size as well. The Freckled Fawn offers a 6×8 monthly kit as well as a Project Life kit.

Some different types of layouts include single-page, double-page, and pocket-page layouts (such as Project Life kits). Consider the following when choosing a layout:

  • Single-page layouts allow for one design per page, letting each page stand alone as a piece of art.
  • Double-page layouts span across two pages, giving you more space to tell a story or showcase multiple photos.
  • Pocket page layouts involve slipping photos and journaling cards into clear plastic pockets, which can be a quick and straightforward approach to scrapbooking.
studio-calico-Scrapbook of the month club

It’s essential to think about how you want your memories organized and displayed while selecting the most suitable layout for your scrapbook.

Take into consideration how much time you also have to spend creating layouts. If you need to get pages done faster, then a pocket-style layout might be your best approach. Smaller layouts might be ideal if you have minimal photos for each page. Larger layouts like 12×12 layouts or double-page layouts will give you more creative space for more photos and journaling.

Quality and Price Considerations

Finally, weigh the quality and price of various scrapbook subscription kits. While some kits may be affordable, they might not provide the best materials, which can affect the final look and durability of your project. Ensure the components of the kit, such as the album, papers, and embellishments, are of good quality.

Don’t shy away from exploring options like Etsy for unique, handmade scrapbook kits or choosing highly-rated commercial kits that provide excellent value for money. Set a budget for your scrapbooking project and choose a kit that balances quality with affordability.

Top Places to Buy Scrapbook Kits

Scrapbooking is a fantastic way to preserve memories and showcase your creativity. Whether you’re a seasoned scrapbooker or just starting out, you’ll need supplies to bring your projects to life. In this section, we’ll explore some top places to buy scrapbook kits, including Etsy shops, online retailers, and local craft stores.


Online Scrapbooking Monthly Kits and Scrapbook Clubs

This is just a list of kits and clubs that I have found by scouring the web. Each business is their own entity. Perform your own due diligence and read reviews, etc. I cannot guarantee their quality, availability, or timely delivery. They aren’t mine.

  1. The Scrap Room (https://www.scrap-room.com/): The Scrap Room offers monthly scrapbooking kits tailored to your preferences. With a variety of kit options such as cardstock-only kits, sticker and embellishment kits, and a card kit, crafters can enjoy a fresh assortment of coordinated papers and embellishments, making it easy to create beautiful layouts and projects.
  2. Studio Calico Documenter Kit (https://www.studiocalico.com/subscribe/documenter-kit): Studio Calico’s Documenter Kit is perfect for memory keepers and journaling enthusiasts. Their subscription provides a thoughtfully curated collection of supplies, including journaling cards and embellishments, to capture life’s moments in a creative and organized way. You can select a traveler’s journal kit, documenter’s kit, stamp kit, or a digital kit.
  3. Freckled Fawn Current Reveal (https://freckledfawn.com/collections/current-reveal): This scrapbook club’s monthly kits are the go-to destination for crafters looking for trendy and innovative supplies to enhance their scrapbooking and card-making projects. You can build your own bundle, purchase just the basics, or mix and match. They have a kit for 6×8 albums as well as a Project Life kit.
  4. Grabie New Arrivals (https://www.grabie.cc/collections/new-arrivals): The “New Arrivals” section features a fresh selection of handmade goods and craft supplies. If you are more of a junk journaler or like the collage aesthetic of scrapbooking, then this scrapbook subscription box is perfect.
  5. Hip Kit Club (https://hipkitclub.net/hip-kit-club-scrapbook-kit-club): Hip Kit Club offers a delightful scrapbook kit club experience. Their monthly kits are packed with trendy and high-quality scrapbooking supplies, making it a fantastic choice for crafters looking to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry. This club also offers one of those “mix and match styles”. You can shop by the kit of the month or the style of kit you want. Just a few of the options include Project Life Pocket Kits, Color Kits, Stamping Kits, Metal Die Kits, Cardstock Kits, and a full-themed kit of the month.
  6. Cocoa Daisy (https://cocoadaisy.com/collections/subscribe): Cocoa Daisy’s subscription offers a burst of creativity with carefully curated kits. Their selection includes a variety of crafting supplies, making it perfect for those who enjoy exploring different techniques and styles in their projects such as 12 x 12 scrapbooking, traveler’s notebooks, art journaling, card making, stationary, and planning.
  7. Club Scrap (https://clubscrap.com/): Club Scrap provides a unique scrapbooking experience with their innovative kits and projects. Each kit provides supplies and inspiration for 8 page layouts. Their motto is “any reason and any season.” Their scrapbook page layout kits are printed and assembled in the USA. They also offer the option to purchase kits individually to see if they fit your style. No membership or subscription needed.
  8. ScrapbookingStore.com (https://www.scrapbookingstore.com/): This online store specializes in delivering scrapbook kits monthly that are filled with a mix of themed paper and embellishments from one company. It’s a great choice for crafters who want to simplify their shopping and receive a curated selection of supplies at a discounted price.
  9. Citrus Twist Kits (https://citrustwistkits.com/collections/current-kit-subscriptions): Citrus Twist Kits offers a fresh and colorful approach to scrapbooking with their monthly kit subscriptions. Crafters can expect a vibrant mix of papers and embellishments in each kit designed by the company themselves and then mixed and matched with a few other companies products.
  10. Scrapbook Station (https://scrapbookstation.com/boutique/monthly-scrapbook-kit-club/): Scrapbook Station’s monthly scrapbook kits club provides four fabulous layouts every month using the newest releases from the most popular vendors around. You will be supplied with a full-color copy of each layout. Each layout is marked with the dimensions to cut your paper.
  11. Quick Quotes Club Q (https://shopquickquotes.com/club-q/): Quick Quotes’ Club Q offers monthly kits with a focus on creative layouts and beautiful quotes. Crafters who love adding meaningful messages to their projects will find this club especially appealing. The kits will include all the materials you need to complete the 2 double-page layouts, including layout instructions and ideas.
  12. Ali Edwards (https://aliedwards.com/subscribe/quarterly-scrapbook-kit): You can choose a quarterly kit with add-ons, a monthly kit, a story kit, a stamping kit, and then mix and match. There are so many vibrant and fun supplies available that you might spend more time drooling on the screen than actually shopping.
  13. The Paper Curator Kit Subscription (https://www.thepapercurator.com/kit-subscription): The Paper Curator’s kit subscription is a curated collection of trendy and stylish scrapbooking supplies. It’s perfect for those who want to infuse their projects with a modern aesthetic.
  14. Down Memory Lane Box (https://downmemorylanebox.com/): Down Memory Lane Box provides a nostalgic touch to scrapbooking with their vintage-inspired kits. Crafters looking to capture precious memories in a timeless style will appreciate their 6 two-page layouts that include instructions and measurements. Each kit includes exclusive die-cuts that you can dress up or use as is.
  15. Crop-A-Latte Subscription Club (https://cropalatte.com/collections/subscription-clubs/products/top-shelf-scrapbooking-subscription-club): This subscription club offers three – 2 page layout kits that are exclusive to club members. You can also shop past kits and have them included in your kit.
  16. Club Echo Park (https://www.clubechopark.com/current-kit.php): Club Echo Park features kits designed by Echo Park Paper Co. Each kit is filled with coordinated paper and embellishments, making it easy to create harmonious scrapbook layouts.
  17. Heidi Swap: Stop the Blur (https://www.heidiswappshop.com/subscribe/stop-the-blur): This is a subscription that blends scrapbooking, memory keeping, and planning all into one. Join a monthly class that focuses on using your planner to document your days. Learn Heidi’s favorite tips and tricks for capturing your everyday moments in a creative and fun way.
  18. Not Just for Boys (https://altenew.com/collections/cardmaking-kits): This kit company does a fabulous job of mixing and matching papers and embellishments from different paper companies. You can choose between a “limitless” kit that is stuffed full of goodies or select separate page kits in different themes.
  19. GoTo Treasure Box (https://gototreasurebox.com/): GoTo Treasure Box offers a subscription service that includes a variety of craft supplies and layout inspiration. Jill incorporates all different kinds of products/embellishments in her designs to create truly fun, unique pages with easy-to-follow instructions. And, you can’t beat their price for 6-page kits.

Etsy Shops

Etsy is an online marketplace filled with unique and handmade items, making it a great place to find scrapbook kits and scrapbook premade page kits crafted by talented artists. If you’re searching for something different or want to support small businesses, Etsy is an excellent option. There are many shops on the platform offering various styles and themes to suit your tastes.

Online Retailers

If you’re looking for a more extensive selection and convenience, online retailers like the following will curate amazing page layout kits that you can use to increase your collection (a-hem, I mean create loads of beautiful pages). One of my favorites is Simple Stories with Doodlebug running a close second.

Local Craft Stores

Don’t forget about your local craft stores when searching for scrapbook kits. Smaller independent shops often have scrapbooking sections filled with kits, paper, embellishments, and tools. Shopping at local craft stores has the added benefit of being able to see and touch the products before making a purchase. Additionally, you’ll be supporting local businesses and can often find in-store workshops or classes to enhance your scrapbooking knowledge and skills.

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  1. Hi Rhoda! Thank you for this information, I have yet to commit to a subscription program simply because I am new to the paper crafting fun!! I am more interested in creating cards at the moment, maybe I’ll dive into scrapbooking at some time, but for now, I don’t have a need. I was wondering if any of these clubs or retailers would be more useful in cardmaking, or do you know of any clubs that focus on cards. And, lastly…are you going to be starting up another kit club???!!! I love your projects and paper choices!

    1. Hi Dora,

      There are a few card kit subscriptions too. I was going to write a post for that one soon. Maybe by the middle of next week.
      My own kit club again? That would be great. I’ll have to think about it. We are traveling a lot still…so having supplies shipped to me and then shipping kits out right now would be complicated. Maybe if we settle down, I can start one again.


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