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3 Gate Card Template SVG for Quick and Easy Gatefold Cards

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What is a gatefold card?

A gatefold card (or gate fold card) is a handmade card that has flaps on each side that fold into the center of the card. Instead of a traditional card that folds on the side like a book, a gatefold opens and closes like a double-framed garden gate. Thus the name.


Supplies for Gate Fold Card Templates

How to make a gate fold card?

Creating a gatefold card takes a little more pre-planning than just cutting a rectangle and folding it in half. The flaps on the sides of a gate fold card are at least half of the back panel.

They can be more if you want to tuck the panels into each other. At a minimum, they should be cut at half the width. For example, if you have a 4 1/4-inch wide card, then each panel will be 2 1/8 inches wide.


Gate Fold Card Tutorial

Step 1:

Use the Gate Fold Card Template SVG from the library to cut your card base and pattern papers.

Step 2:

Fold each panel on the score line created by your cut machine (these are the red lines in the SVG file that need to have the line operation changed to SCORE, if you are unsure how to do that, check out my Cricut Guidebook).

Step 3:

Glue scrapbook pattern papers to the front of your panels and a white square to the inside of your card (if you used a darker-colored cardstock).

Step 4:

Decorate with embellishments like stickers, colored die cuts, stamps, ribbon, etc.

Step 5:

Add your sentiment by stamping or writing on a tag or framed piece of white paper. You can also add extra writing or sentiments to the inside of your card.

Optional: You can create a belly band to wrap around the card and attach a scallop circle frame or rectangle frame to the belly band.


3 Gate Fold Card Designs To Make

Each card has two flaps to create a gate. What you add to the flaps to decorate the flaps is entirely up to you and how fancy you want to make your card.

  • Add scallop frames with sentiments to one panel.
  • Belly bands with framed sentiments or images.
  • Curved gate edges for a fun visual variation.

Card Measurements:

The gate card templates will create cards that are A2 (they measure 5.5 inches tall by 4.25 inches wide when folded closed).


Gatefold card measurements can be made for any size of card. If you want to adjust the sizes of the cards, just make sure your two side panels measure 1/2 of the finished cards width. If you want them to overlap with a decorative edge, that is a great way to add detail and more design features.

Check the library for more card-making downloads.


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