Christmas Craft Ideas to Make with Your Cricut or EasyPress

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Finding the best Christmas craft ideas can take time. You want to make something new and unique. And you want to have fun making them.

There are tried and true handmade gift ideas in this list. And then there are some fun new ideas that you might want to try. Use your Cricut to make the process quicker and easier. Or make them all by hand.

Choose from Christmas crafts that the kids can help you with or find a quick last-minute gift idea for a hostess gift or a co-worker who gave you something awesome.

Find something that you would love to make and give to your loved ones this holiday season. Hopefully, this list of project ideas will get those creative ideas flowing.

Over 29 Handmade Christmas Gifts

DIY Rae Dunn Rolling Pin

This is a gift that will last for years. Easy to make, stylish in a kitchen as home decor, and great for anyone who loves Rae Dunn.

Grab a rolling pin here and read up on which craft vinyl to use here.

Gift Bag Cricut EasyPress

How can you use your Cricut Easy Press to make some DIY Christmas Gifts? These adorable Christmas gift bags are a great idea. You can use pre-made bags or do a sew your own version.

The best part about this Christmas craft is that you can use up fabric scraps for the design on the front!

Buffalo Plaid Stockings

I am in love with these Christmas stockings. Use your Cricut to cut out the fabric, then use no-sew tape to put it all together if you don’t have a sewing machine.

This Christmas craft is a quick and easy project. And…you get to use your Cricut as well as your fabric and vinyl stash.

Cricut Made Snowflake Garland

This project for DIY snowflakes uses a thin fusible fabric. You will want to use your fabric blade (read more about blades here) and your pink fabric mat to make this project. Grab the fusible fabric here.

DYI Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

We all know and love the cookie and cake mixes in the jars. Why not make a cute label and cut it out with your Cricut.

Jazz up those mason jar gifts with your own Christmas labels, a fun Christmas tag, or a cute Christmas story!

Redbox Movie Night

Movie night baskets are so much FUN. They make great gifts for Christmas, winter house warming gifts, and gifts for the movie lovers in your life.

Movie gift boxes (or gift certificates to the local theatre) are one of those gifts we are happy to receive every year. And any time of the year!

Terra Cotta Pot Christmas Crafts

Terra cotta pots are one of those craft supplies that you can use during any season. Christmas characters. Easter decor. Halloween monsters. It really doesn’t matter.

If you have a supply of different sized planting pots then you are well on your way to making easy DIY Christmas gifts. (Buy a set of 6 here!)

DIY Silhouette Portraits

Silhouette portraits are a timeless classic. You can spend your time cutting these out by hand…or you can be really tricky and upload your images to Cricut.

The machine will cut the outside edge of your project for you out of the material of your choice. And you can quickly cut it multiple times so both sets of Grandparents are taken care of with one click of a Cricut button.

Relaxation Gift Basket:Printable Gift Tags

I love everything made by Meyers and the colors of this basket are perfect. Copy it exactly as she shows you, or you can mix and match colors to fit the occasion.

Grab the Radish scent (red) and maybe the Bazil (green) to make the basket more festive and Christmas related.

Add some Rae Dun type text to the container and it will add to the WOW factor!

Scented Candles in Sharpie Mugs

This is a great craft for the kids to help with. Family members will love to get a hand-decorated candle that is 100% unique and includes art from their favorite littles.

Mason Jar Tissue Dispenser

You can customize these mason jar tissue dispensers in so many ways.

Follow the directions for this project and make them exactly like these or switch it up and put a teacher quote on there.

Or customize it for your neighbor, your bestie, or your sister!

Christmas Gift for Neighbors

Merry Chexmas.

Our neighbor gives us Holiday Chexmix every year. And we love it.

This tag is a great addition to the gift (and you can totally use it on a metal tin or plastic baggie to dress them up).

Make multiples by using your Cricut print and cut feature!

DIY Personalized Coasters

You can make personalized coasters out of regular vinyl or infusible vinyl (read this post to learn more about vinyl).

Grab some coasters from your local craft store, online, or even use tiles from Lowes!

Christmas Wall Art Printables

Grab these fun wall art printables and create a display for your Holiday decor. You can print out just a letter (the family monogram) or spell out NOEL.

Customize the frames or add the letters to a canvas. They are gorgeous!

Christmas Gnome DIY

How adorable are these little Christmas gnomes? This is another one of those handmade gifts that you can get the kids involved in. Let them dress up the gnomes to add some individual flair.

Sweet Holidays Gift

This sweet Christmas craft idea is perfect for classroom gift. Fill them with kisses, Skittles, or holiday M&M’s.

They also make a great gift idea for co-workers, neighbors, or a quick and easy hostess gift.

Christmas Popcorn Gift Basket

We are back to the popcorn basket.

I don’t know if it the popcorn idea that I love the most. Or the movies. These handmade Christmas gifts get me every time.

Decorate the bucket to fit a holiday theme or choose a popcorn theme so they can use it year-round.

One Square Tote

A Christmas craft idea that you can use all year long. Make a tote out of a square of fabric. Add your own quote or graphic using viny or infusible ink and it will be totally custom.

Rudolph Hot Cocoa with Printable

This printable has the directions for a hot chocolate pouch, but the fun part is the cute plastic bags and fuzzy noses that are added to it.

Kids will love helping to make this DIY Christmas gift and it is one of those that you can make a lot of in a short amount of time.

Save even more time by using the print then cut Cricut feature and let it do the work of making the tags for you!

Christmas Hot Pad Gift

Customized hot pads are very popular. And people love getting them as a holiday gift.

You can make a custom holiday hot pad or make it one that they can use while they cook all year. Some of them are just too cute to use and would make great kitchen decor.

“Glitter Dipped” Mugs

Custom coffee mugs are great Christmas craft ideas. Change up the color of the glitter. Make a wine glass instead. Add a fun quote with vinyl.

You can make this gift fit the recipient in so many ways and they will think you spent a fortune to get them such a unique gift.

Rustic Holiday Mantel Decor

This is a beautiful idea to showcase your holiday cards. Use Christmas colors for the ribbons and clothespins or choose colors that match your home and leave it up all year.

You can give it as a gift or keep it for yourself.

Hang graduation announcements, birth announcements, birthday cards, or just your yearly correspondence as it comes in the mail throughout the year.

Pokeball Pokemon Go Christmas Ornaments

These are super fun to make and anyone who is a fan of Pokemon will love seeing them hang on the tree.

Make more than one, switch up the colors, or see what other Pokemon characters you can make.

Monogrammed Frame using Cricut

Use your Cricut to cut a Monogram from vinyl and then add it to the glass on a frame.

Customize the colors, the background pattern, or make them on a shadowbox full of flowers.

This is a very popular handmade Christmas gift.

Three Gifts of Christmas

Create a gift that fits with your holiday traditions or religion. Be creative, have fun, and include a lesson.

Natural Peppermint Sugar Scrub

Peppermint is one of the best smells during the holidays (besides the Christmas tree).

This DIY peppermint sugar scrub is an affordable way to give a luxurious gift. Pamper a loved one or friend with this fun recipe.

Pine Cone Gnomes

Gnomes made the Christmas crafts idea list twice because they are just so darn CUTE!

And I love how these ones use a different material for the beard and the base is a pinecone.

Original. Holiday oriented. But you could display them all year.

DIY Cupcake Kit

A fun gift for kids. This handmade Christmas gift idea is perfect for the little one in your life who loves to bake.

My daughter is over 20 now and she would still love to get this as a gift.

I think the best part about this DIY kits is the book. It just adds a little extra something.

Coffee Lovers Gift Basket


Does a gift get any better than coffee? Maybe if it is a local roast. Or the promise to share the coffee and a good long chat.

Chocolate pairings. That makes it even better.

Candy Cane Lip Balm

My aunt always gave us a plastic candy cane full of Lip-Smackers lip balm.

It was one of my favorite gifts each year.

You can make your own version of this type of gift (because they don’t put them in the candy cane tube anymore!). Mix and match your lip balm or make it holiday flavored.

Merry Kissmas Gift Jar

Another fun jar gift. Use your Cricut to make the stickers for the top of the jar. Add in some fun candy and ribbons and the gift is beautiful and ready to go!Continue Reading

Start Early on Your Christmas List

Making handmade Christmas gifts takes time, energy, and love. You can start most of these Christmas craft ideas early and have them ready when the holiday season rolls around.

There are loads of ideas that are not food based and that won’t spoil if you make them months in advance.

Which ones did you like the best? Hopefully, this list gave you some great ideas for Christmas gifts that you can make with your Cricut to save time.

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