15 The Best To Do List Ideas for Your Planner or Bujo

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Using a planner for your to do list ideas is probably one of the number one reasons you bought one.

It doesn’t matter if you use a notepad, a planner, a Hobonichi spread, a bullet journal, or just a scratch piece of paper.

The point of a to do list is to get stuff done. Styling it is just part of being creative or finding a way to organize your thoughts on the paper.

Create a planner to do list or a bullet journal to do list and then use some of these to-do list ideas to help you dress it up.


There are different ways to organize the content on your to do list. Organize your tasks by the time of day they need to be finished.

Create a weekly spread with all your daily tasks in a list with dots for checking each task off.

Strike them through with a line when you have accomplished the task. Or scribble them out. That is entirely up to you and how you want to run your task list.

Months of the Year Grey

Today’s Date is:

Saturday, April 13, 2024

mm/dd/yy format : 04/13/2024

dd/mm/yy format: 13/04/2024

mm (month), dd (day), yy (year)

Colorful To Do Lists

I love this set of daily tasks because you get to mark each one off by adding a check mark to a star.

And the colors are perfectly bright without being distracting.

It even includes habit trackers, self-care, and dinner plans. Without being overwhelming.


Craft Project Lists

A to do list isn’t just for your daily household chores. You can also use it to keep track of your hobbies, project lists, and the supplies you need to make your next handmade creation.


A Happy Planner List

Add your to do list into your general planner pages. You don’t have to separate things out into different planners, notebooks, or parts of your life (unless that is just the way you roll).

Planners are great for getting a general overview of your to do list and then breaking that up into actionable steps through out the week. Dress them up with stickers and make accomplishing those tasks even more fun.


A Notepad List

There is nothing wrong with a quickly written list of items you need to accomplish on a notepad.

Write your to do list ideas on your favorite notepad and then start marking them off.


Minimalist Lists

Say that three times fast. Create a weekly overview with just great handwriting and a list of items you need to complete.

Carry over the ones that don’t get finished to the next week by using a bullet journal key and migrating your tasks and to do list items.


Minimalism doesn’t need to only happen in black and white. You can keep your list simple and clean but still jazz it up with your favorite colors. A bullet journal to do list can have both minimal black and white or minimal colors.


Prioritize Items on Your List

What absolutely needs to get done? And what can wait until the end of the day or get bumped over and accomplished tomorrow?

Set your list up with your top 3 things that HAVE to get done today. From there you can mark off the next set. Whatever you don’t get to (that has the least priority) can wait and move to the top of the next list.


Make it Positive

Instead of viewing your to do list as a burden or a huge list of chores you need to get done, give it a positive twist.

What things do you GET to do? Phrase your daily tasks in a way that makes it feel like you are privileged to even be able to add them to the list. Not only does this help you accomplish the items on your to-do list, it also helps to program your brain to view things in a positive way.

This can even help you increase your productivity. Give it a try.


Doodle on Your To Do List

Adding a touch of whimsy or some fun illustrations will help you to enjoy your task list even more. Doodling also helps you to put things into your memory in a more positive way (and you are able to retrieve those memories more efficiently).

Doodle them up (if you need ideas or want to learn to doodle there are a number of different posts to help).


A Disney List

There are so many planner stickers available. You can dress up the most ordinary chores with a fun set of stickers. This list is a Disney theme with some fun Minnie stickers and great handwriting.


Bullet Journal Lists

Create your list in your bullet journal collection. It can be part of your week at a glance or it can be a page on its own. You can mark off your tasks with the style you chose in your bullet journal key.


Hobonichi Lists

Lists work just as well in a Hobonichi styled planner or journal. Add some headings, section out your task list, enter your daily journal, and give it a few stickers for some added style.


Study Lists

Keep track of your homework or the the topics you need to study for with a task list for school.


Daily Planner Page Lists

Keep track of your schedule and add your to-do list to the side of your page to keep track of throughout the day.

Dress them up with a gorgeous flower array and a quote.


Sticker Decorations

Dress up your list of tasks with stickers. They are a great way to add a splash of color, add in your favorite characters, or add a quick heading or bar of check-list shapes.


Digital To-Do Lists

Not all of your lists need to be on paper or in a bullet journal. You can also use your phone to track your tasks and mark them off as you finish them.


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